Forensic Services

  • I work with both defense and plaintiff attorneys and via Court appointment. I prefer to work in close collaboration with attorneys and the Courts, rather than with individual litigants.
  • I specialize in concise, quick response, jargon-free assessments that clearly address relevant legal issues.
  • I have provided reports and/or expert witness services in hundreds of civil and criminal cases in most area courts and before several Federal administrative bodies, in areas including:
  • Guardianship, Conservatorship, and Competencies: to manage one’s finances and health care; to consent to medical treatment; to stand trial; and to confess (including juvenile Miranda cases).
  • Substance abuse: DWI, diminished capacity, appropriate treatment recommendations.
  • Immigration law: Would deportation place this person in harm’s way? Would deportation or refusal to allow a loved one into this country work a severe hardship on an American citizen?
  • Workplace-related: Worker’s Compensation; Disability Determination; and Fitness for Duty.
  • Parenting-related: Suitability as adoptive parents; likelihood of being a danger to one’s children; and
  • Reasonable Accommodation: For such handicapping conditions as substance abuse, learning disabilities, and attentional disorders.
Forensic service

Comments from attorneys with whom I have worked include:

I have used Dr. Wynne as an expert witness in several trials dating back to the 1980’s. His style is excellent for a jury or bench trial. Judges and jurors find him accessible and seem to trust him (as do I). He has the rare gift of simplifying complex terms and ideas into analogies and “lay friendly” speech without being condescending.   KR. – Washington, DC

I reserve Dr. Wynne for my serious immigration cases, ones where the testimony of an experienced, credible expert is the difference between staying here or getting deported. I highly recommend him.    MON – Silver Spring, MD

Dr. Wynne’s expertise, compassion and dedication afforded me the opportunity to successfully obtain medical school testing accommodations for my client. Dr. Wynne’s careful analysis helped tremendously in obtaining the result my client needed.    SK-W. – Baltimore, MD

  • To discuss possible forensic services, please call me at (240) 277-7800, send me an email, or fill out and send me a Referral Form. outlining the
    services in which you are interested.


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