Services for Seniors

  • My law firm has an elderly client who wants to draw up some complex financial documents. We wonder if he has the capacity to make these
  • Our parents are getting older and we’re worried. We have no idea what they’d like to see happen if the event of a crisis, and it’s always been hard to talk about these things in our family.
  • I see a lot of older persons in my family medical practice; I’d welcome an experienced referral source for cognitive and mental health assessments
  • I direct a senior’s facility. We’re having a terrible time with a family. I don’t know if it’s our client or his children. We’d love some help.
  • My elderly mother seems to have increasing memory problems; what are her problems and how can I deal with them?

These are increasingly common issues and concerns and they’re only going to increase as the population ages. Where to turn for help? I offer an array of services for attorneys, physicians, families, individuals, and care facilities, including family therapy, family interventions, individual counseling, cognitive and mental health assessments, and consultation. On some cases, I collaborate with my wife, Suzan Wynne, MSW, a clinical social worker and geriatric care manager, who is in the first group of non-attorneys eligible to receive Guardianship appointments through DC Superior Court.

Services Offered Include:

  • Guardianship, Conservatorship, and Competencies: assessing capacity to manage one’s finances and health care; to make complex financial decisions; to properly manage one’s own affairs and household; or to consent to medical procedures.
  • Abuse and Domestic violence: assessing likely physical, sexual, and emotional abuse of adults and elders.
  • Assessments in nursing homes, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers: including evaluations under PASARR for the Frederick County (MD) and Howard County (MD) Departments of Health.
  • Counseling, Consultation, and Coaching: helping families plan and conduct interventions with family members who are reluctant or resistant to consider care options. My preference is to work with family members now, rather than waiting for a crisis.

Why come to me for these services?

  • I am a licensed psychologist with advanced certification in couples and family work; 30 years’ experience in working collaboratively with attorneys and physicians; and recognized expertise in conducting psychological and forensic assessments, especially competency evaluations.
  • I have experienced first-hand the problems of dealing with elderly parents and difficult families. This includes surviving a lengthy probate case in my own family that lasted years longer than Jarndyce vs. Jarndyce in Dickens’ Bleak House.
  • I have a good understanding of the difficulties involved when family members are hassling over business and financial issues. I have owned and operated both a consulting firm and a large mental health program. I have a practical understanding of the mechanics and personality dynamics of small to medium-sized businesses.
  • I participate in networks of professionals serving older persons, including attorneys, psychiatrists, care managers, home health aides, residential and nursing facilities and others. I’m committed to helping you find the help you need, whether from me directly or from appropriate others in my network.

Here’s some comments about my services in this area:

I have known Ron Wynne for about 8 years in the course of my guardianship practice. Throughout this time, I have found that his demeanor is always very professional, and he is sensitive to the needs and feelings of the elderly or disabled clients whom he is assessing. Dr. Wynne’s mental competency evaluations are thorough, fair, complete, on the mark, and timely. In my opinion, he is one of the best psychologists in this region for competency/capacity examinations.    K.M – Prince George’s County, MD

I have used Dr. Wynne’s services on several intervention proceedings and am continually impressed and satisfied with his work. Dr. Wynne has the demeanor, attitude, and personality that immediately puts everyone involved at ease.
His reports are thorough and detailed and always beyond reproach. There’s no one I would recommend more highly in this field than Dr. Wynne and I look forward to working with him in the future.    MH-Montgomery County , MD

To discuss possible services for seniors, elderlaw attorneys, physicians, or caretakers, please call Ron at (240) 277-7800, send him an
email, or fill out and send a Referral Form outlining the services in which you are interested. You can contact Suzan Wynne, MSW directly at (240) 461-8421 to discuss care management issues.


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